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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Crochet Minion Girl Hat (Topi Rajut Minion)

It can be said, that I made this Minion 'Girl' Hat as an "accident".

Ok, the story is begin.... 

One day, my friend asked me to make a minion hat (without an earflap), for her 2 yo son. And then, I made it of course, but, its too big for her 2 yo son, its just fit for 5 - 10 yo child. So, I offered the hat to my friend who have 6 yo daughter (actually, first, I offered the hat to my daughter, Enya (6 yo), the hat just fit for her, but she want an 'Elsa' (Frozen) Hat, with a long hair). And my friend accepted my offered, but she hope the hat is 'pink'.
So, I change the yarn color, from blue to pink and added a bow.

So, here is the Minion Girl Hat. Hope she like it. And I hope you too.... :)

It was, just another Minion Hat

And then became... Minion 'Girl' Hat :)